I'll never forget that first night - sitting across the table from you - not able to keep my eyes off your beautiful eyes and smile. I stared at you and repeated the same mantra, "I'm not going to get involved with anyone." But you had different plans.

That's why, a month later when I finally admitted we were dating, I was dating a friend.

So, today, I promise you, as my spouse, my partner, and my friend, all my love;
I promise to be with you, to hold your hand and smile every time you write a beautiful poem;
to walk side by side on every doggy date, keeping you safe;
to hold you close to me as we sing our songs to God;
to cry with you when we have our daily struggles;
I promise to you my support and commitment as we become a family;
and I promise all of my heart, all of my body, and all my love

I love you.